Training Scenario Objective

A team of 5 must solve 20 complex problems in 45 minutes

  • The objective of The Heist is for the 5 members of the Black Swan team to retrieve The Circle Inc.’s well-being secret drug formula from their underground laboratory.
  • The scenario challenge is for one member of the team (the planner) to guide the other 4 members through the security systems of the building, avoiding the electronic surveillance obstacles, guards, drones and patrols to get into the vault, secure the asset and escape.
  • The team planner has access to The Circle laboratory’s CCTV via a touch screen and uses this information to collaborate with the team to achieve the scenario goal.
The first challenge is getting the right team together
A good plan is the key to a successful heist
The front door is protected by a Digital Lock
Le système de sécurité à l'entrée du coffre peut être un détécteur de chaleur ou des lasers
Get past the Vault Door by cutting power to the lock
The formula is protected by a Digital Lock
The formula is the condition for victory
The mission will fail if even one member does not make it out in time
Progression is rated through multiple methods, including Scorecards
The CCTV control panel must be hacked, but it is guarded
The lasers are linked to specific Computers, the right one must be hacked
Get through the Ventilation System, guided by the Planner
Get past a locked Vent in the Ventilation System
The Generator Room is locked with a Digital Lock