Melinda Von Gassner as

Melinda Von Gassner as

Portrait of Acrobat

Height: 1.58m;

Weight: 47kg

Role: Acrobat

Tool: Soundwave Gun (Can stun guards)


The youngest daughter of a rich family of Swiss bankers and lawyers, Melinda was destined for a career in medicine. She studied ballet at a very young age, but had to stop at the age of 16, when her parents deemed it too time consuming as it would keep her from pursuing a good career.

When she started university, she met a fellow student whose parents ran a circus nearby. In the evenings, and in secret, she started practicing to become a world class contortionist.

She went on to lead a successful double-life for years, working in as a surgeon by day, and as a contortionist by night. Then the hospital she worked at was taken over by The Circle Health Group, and every employee’s background and activities were meticulously examined. Forced into “early retirement” and humiliated in the eyes of her family, she joined Black Swan in hopes of preventing The Circle’s practices from ruining other people’s lives.

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