Thibault Dags as

Thibault Dags as

Height: 1.79m;

Weight: 81kg

Role: Technician

Tool: Infrared Glasses (Show lasers as well as motion and heat detectors)

The Artist

Though he has no formal training, Thibault is now recognized as a world class engineer. He started following this career at a young age, when he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity as part of a high school program. Most renowned for incredible collaboration with local inhabitants and his talent for improvising under any circumstances, Thibault has undoubtedly transformed the world of charity.

Twice now, housing projects he was working on, once in Thailand and once in Haiti, were sabotaged mere weeks before The Circle decided to purchase the land and install factories in their place. Though they fought The Circle in court, the cost of legal fees kept them from being able to stand up against The Circle.

Recently, when water close to the construction site for a school was suddenly discovered to be massively polluted, a legal team from Black Swan helped prove The Circle’s involvement and had them pay for the de-pollution. Since then, Thibault has joined Black Swan, helping them in a wide array of situations all across the world.

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