Laura Kateb as

Laura Kateb as

Portrait of Hacker 2

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 64kg

Role: Hacker

Tool: Electromagnetic Gun (Temporarily disables drones and motion detectors)


Born from a poor family, Laura quickly learned to observe people and the way they behave and interact. When she graduated from high school and started looking for a job she quickly was put off by corporate environments and hierarchical structures. In consequence she decided to make her own way as a hacker, observing people’s behavior in bars, cafes and office buildings and hacking less reputable people, often alerting law enforcement of their wrongdoings.

Two years ago, she was offered a job as a white hat hacker by The Circle, but she immediately refused. Black Swan saw this as an opportunity and asked her for help in their struggle with The Circle. Though she refuses to be directly affiliated with Black Swan, she seems to spend more time working with them than not.

Laura holds onto her freedom dearly, but she is willing to do astounding work if the reasons are good, and that’s where Black Swan comes in.

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