Laurent Lafont as

Laurent Lafont as

Portrait of Hacker 1

Height: 1.79m;

Weight: 82kg

Role: Hacker

Tool: Detection Scanner (Displays the field of view of Motion Detectors)


Trained as a top mathematician and an internet security developer, Laurent was rapidly interested in Hacktivism and Hackers in general. Though there is no proof, he is said to have brought to light information that incriminated 10 big companies in the last 5 years.

Laurent started working for The Circle’s I.T. department in order to infiltrate their security system, which is said to be one of the best in the world. A great security system usually means there are things to hide.

One day he was caught red-handed. The Circle immediately found out about his activities as a hacker, and gave him a choice: either he helped them by infiltrating Black Swan or they made sure he went to prison for what he did.

With no other choice, Laurent infiltrated Black Swan, but no one was counting on him switching allegiance. Though this made him a fugitive, he has become one of Black Swan’s best assets, regularly helping them bring information about The Circle’s activities to light.

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